Chardonnay is creamy vanilla oak layered into tropical fruit accents with subtle green apple character, butterscotch overtones and good acidity.

Gewürztraminer is pronounced “geh-VURTS-trah-meen-er”, distinct aromatic character of flowery and spicy perfumes. Spicy flavours with subtle lychee-nut character. Crisp, off-dry with, excellent acidity.

Liebfraumilch is one of Germany’s most popular white wines. Delightfully soft and mellow, slightly off-dry with gentle acidity and lingering sweetness on the tongue.

Piesporter is a succulent medium-bodied white wine exhibiting a hint of fruity spiciness as peach and apricot mingle with the aroma of fresh melon. Slightly sweet with flowery accents, well balanced.

Pinot Grigio is a refreshing, white wine for casual sipping and lighter foods.  Lively notes of green apple, lemon and a touch of floral excite the palate.

Riesling is moderately dry with a refreshing bouquet of honey and tropical flowers followed by slightly sweet flavours of ripe peach and apricot.

Sauvignon Blanc is very pale yellow hue with a big grassy aroma, piercing acidity and tantalizing flavours of gooseberry and fig that are lush in the mouth. Typically light and very dry.

Soave is soft hay colour introduces delicate floral and white fruit scents. Crisp and dry, with flavours that follow the nose; figs and dates and elusive hints of banana and almonds riding on a crisply acidic structure with a pleasant hint of bitterness.

Symphony is a cross between two French varieties: Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. The result is a soft, dry white wine, which will delight you with youthful aromas of mango, papaya and bananas. This flavourful white wine is very floral in style with a crisp, clean finish.

Viognier is a white wine with a heady floral bouquet with hints of orange blossom, violet and honey.  The flavours are tropical with mango, tangerine and apricot.  It’s crisp acidity makes for a refreshing, full bodied wine experience.


White Zinfandel Blush is citrusy and light in flavour with mellow blackberry and raspberry bouquet. Lively, medium-dry and refreshing.


Amarone is a rich, dry red wine, garnet in colour, long and balanced on the palate.

Nebbiolo has a sweet plummy aroma with flavours of violets, chocolaty earth tones and hints of black licorice, solid oakyness and inviting tannins lend this red wine a complexity all its own.

Cabernet / Merlot The dark, roasted aroma and rich black currant flavour of Cabernet marries well with the chewy fruit characteristics of Merlot. Complex with toasted oak for added depth.

Cabernet / Sauvignon is the king of red grapes. Promising aromas of dark berries, vanilla, and hints of earth bring forth vanilla berry flavours with lingering undertones of bittersweet mint and oaky spice.

Cabernet / Shiraz is a dry red with aromas of black currant, pepper and spice. The flavour highlights dark berries, spice and vanilla oak finishing with soft tannins.

Sangiovese is a medium dry ruby colour with aromas of cocoa, vanilla bean and cranberry. Dry, polished with good fruit flavours and soft tannins.

Gamay Bergamais™ is a youthful fruity and refreshing red wine with a juicy berry aroma. Easy drinking.

Malbec A fruit-forward, full-bodied, rich red wine with aromas and flavours of blackberry, blueberry and blue plum, accented by a touch of violet, spice and oak.

Merlot has asoft fruit aroma with wonderfully balanced yet chewy flavours of black cherry, plums, and berry with a smooth finish. Inviting and easy drinking

Old Vines Zinfandel is dark ruby red in colour with aromas and flavours of black cherry, blackberry, raspberry and spice. Perfectly balanced by rich oak and vanilla notes. The firm tannins provide great structure and mouth feel.

Pinot Noir has notes of cherry; red berry, spice and a touch of earth gently caress the palate.

Shiraz has black fruit aromas that give way to plump blackberry, mellow pepper and smooth mocha. Hearty and spicy with vanilla oak lingering on the tongue

Valpolicella has enticing aromas of fresh cherries and a hint of anise invite a taste. Flavours follow of ripe tart cherries well balanced by fresh-fruit acidity and a whiff of fragrant black pepper.

Vieux Château du Roi Complex berry aroma with flavours of fruit, spice and balanced oak.